FWDS 1st. studio

1st. studio

1st Studio (42ft x 22ft) - Half of the studio has 2 stories high ceiling. The floor is made of the air mattress specially for the injury prevention. Also lighting and soud systems are set up for small performances.
1F Lobby - With 42 inches wide flat screen TV and the tourmaline painted ceiling which provides much minus ion for fresh air. Other facilities; women's dressing room (2 shower rooms) and restroom.



Information - After the entrance you go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Our receptionists will always welcome you. Please make yourself comfortable.

2nd Studio (24ft x 24ft) - A little smaller studio. Usually we have classes for children, yoga, and dance lesson for the elderly for hobby.
3rd Studio (Green Room) - You can eat and chat, just relax.

4th. Studio

4th. Studio

4th Studio (Voice Training) - Very small private class room. We have private voice training here.

3F lobby

3F Lobby

3F Lobby - A little bigger space with some toys for children. You can relax before and after classes. The ceiling is also tourmaline painted with the minus ion. Other facilities; men's and women's dressing room (a shower room in each room), and men's and women's restroom.